Sheep’s Clothing by Elizabeth Einspanier


Sheep’s Clothing

Review: Disclaimer: I received this free paperback in return for an honest review.

 Doc Meadows, the doctor of the town of Salvation is well known and well respected. That is, up until he is held at gun point by an unfamiliar stranger that goes by the name of Wolf. Together, they embark on an adventure that requires them to hunt down the ruthless vampire, Alexandre Russeau. Doc Meadows thinks they may be way in over their heads when Doc discovers the reason why Wolf wants Russeau so badly. As Russeau starts draining the town one person at a time Doc discovers he has two things worth saving…His town of Salvation…and his love, Sarah. But will Doc save Sarah before Russeau can turn her?

 Definitely impressed with this short and sweet western tale that had me gripping to each and every page wanting to know more!

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