The Forbidden by F.R. Tallis


The Forbidden

Review: I won this as a free ARC giveaway first reads and it was far from disappointing!

 It’s like Dr. Frankenstein meets The Exorcist in the concept of exactly how much “do you”, the audience, really know about God and The Devil? Do you really believe in possession of ones soul or existence of evil spirits? What if you witnessed an exorcism, would you still believe?

In this suspenseful mind gripping tale of The Forbidden, Dr. Paul Clement witnesses an unspeakable act of horror which he is never to mention. In his trip back to Paris he begins to study resuscitation through electricity. Shortly after, he becomes fascinated with people who have had near death experiences and witnessed some type of Heaven. But the “forbidden curiosity” takes over and he births a nightmare that will not only affect him but the very lives he touches. Can Dr. Paul Clement extinguish this hellish nightmare before it takes over himself and others? Will Paul be able to save his soul and the soul of a young girl’s before it’s too late???

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