A Rotten Core by Angie Hulme


A Rotten Core

Review: Disclaimer: I received this free Ebook in return for an honest review.

An interesting twist on fairy tales, both dark and alluring. My favorites would have to be Elixir, Narcissus’ Door and Giorsal’s Place.  I found these three to be the most interesting that I read them more than once. Elixir is a tale of what it’s like to live eternally and the consequences that follow because living eternally isn’t what it’s all cracked up to be. Narcissus’ Door is a tale about Marty’s fascination with a door at the bottom of the pond not realizing the terror that awaits him as he gives in to his curiosity. Giorsal’s Place is a tale about a fairy who owns her own brothel that caters to all sorts of creatures but there is a creature that threatens and must be found and stopped but you will never guess who that creature is! The other tales were interesting and entertaining but I found these three to be the best. I did enjoy the retelling of Snow White and the Three Little Pigs.

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