At the Confessional and other Calamities by Belangela G. Tarazona


Review: Disclaimer: I received an ebook in exchange for an honest review.

10 year old Caridad is very smart and loves to read. She also has a best friend named Eva. And is often picked on by a bully named Nazaret. One day her mother tells her that she will be given the task of taking Granny Piedad to mass. Curiosity strikes Caridad because this was once her older sister, Dolores’s responsibility and now it is hers. Caridad begins confessing her sins every Sunday just like her granny has instructed her to do despite the embarrassment she feels if she is caught. Sooner rather than later Caridad finds herself confronted by some life altering changes like finding out why Dolores was sent to live with Granny Mildred, having to make up sins because she has run out of her own and finding out the truth about her best friend Eva. Caridad is thrown into a spiral of life’s challenges but is she willing to protect her best friend even if it means living with a lie?

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