The Accidental Exorcist by Joshua Graham



The Accidental Exorcist

Review: Disclaimer: I received an ebook in exchange for an honest review.

The Exorcist types always freak me out to read but prove to be worth the scare in the end to read. The truth behind what you believe in, the demons that exist and the faith to confront them. A true challenge for Forensic Psychiatrist Abigail Lee because at first she is not sure of what she believes in until she is faced with Cheryl Morgan. The Cheryl Morgan case dealt with the mother being possessed by a demon that caused her to kill her 3 children. Abigail is seeking answers and asks for advice from mentor & Professor Freidrich Koehler but ultimately she has to decide what she believes in and her time is running out. After a frantic call from Father Thomas McGhee, Abigail must come face to face with Legion, the demon, but will she find her faith in time to save the father’s life? Her own life? and Cheryl Morgan’s soul?

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