Dr. Angela Butts Chester (Guest Author)

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About Dr. Angela Butts Chester:

Dr. Angela Butts Chester, is a Pastoral Counselor, Motivational Speaker, Author, Ordained Minister, Wife & Mother, and Breast Cancer Survivor. She has devoted her life to empowering others; teaching individuals and groups how to overcome negative circumstances, and discover God’s unique plan for their lives.

Facebook Page: www.facebook.com/DrAngelaChester

Twitter: twitter.com/DrAngelaChester

Email: drangelachester@gmail.com

Blog: http://angelachester.blogspot.com/

Amazon: Before you Tie the Knot

Phoenix Element: Normality Twisted by Jennifer Kibble


Phoenix Element: Normality Twisted


Jennibelle finds her world turned upside down when out of nowhere robots start appearing through portals. At the same time, a boy named Kyle Roberts, comes into the picture but he doesn’t have time to explain, so, he takes Jennibelle and the 7 year old kid she’s babysitting, Miles, to another planet. This adventure takes her on wild ride as she learns that in reality she is really a reincarnated princess named Anya. Jennibelle embraces the name of “Anya” as Kyle Roberts teaches her how to use her magical power, fire. But, they are far from danger as Anya begins to hear an evil voice. Anya has a lot of obstacles she will have to face, including this evil voice, but she is not alone as she meets up with friends from the past with magical abilities here to help.

Vampires, Werewolves and Zombies…Oh, My! by Heather Graham


Vampires, Werewolves and Zombies…Oh, My!


7 short tales that make up this wonderful Horror Anthology include: Strange Bedfellows, Nightly Special, A Zombie Love Story, Final Solution, Zombie Hunters, Harvesting, and Zombieville. A nice little quick read with interesting stories, my favorite would have to be Zombie Hunters. Zombie Hunters is about two hunters, Aphrodite and Dread Jax that kill off zombies but there’s an unexpected twist at the end!