Cut by Patricia McCormick




It wasn’t great, but it wasn’t bad either. The ending really hit home for me. A lot of what this book was about reminded me about my past, the secrecy behind my self-injury and that hard step to ask for help. And, to know I’d be ok once I accepted it. I could easily relate to Callie because for the longest time I couldn’t talk about cutting or, for that matter, explain to you why I enjoyed doing it. All I knew was that I wanted to do it, I needed to do it. But, for me, it took great strength from within to actually seek help in my mom. I felt ashamed, guilty, etc. But I’m proud to say it’s been a year and a half since my last cut. Yes, I have the scars, but like Callie says, “I may not want to get rid of my scars, they tell a story.”

Faith Without Borders: A Devotional to Inspire You to Step Out in Faith. by Virginia Martin


Faith Without Borders


A Devotional that was well crafted for encouraging and uplifting. Each chapter spoke to me and there were others that hit home for me as well. Faith Without Borders not only inspires you to reflect on yourself and others through God, but gives you powerful tips on just how to start, whether you know God, are just getting to know him or barely know him. There is a lot of knowledge that can be gained from just being open and taking that leap of Faith.

Kitchen Sink Gothic by David Riley, Stephen Bacon and others


Kitchen Sink Gothic


There are 17 amazingly written stories that sometimes left me on the edge as I was reading. Some were weirder than others and some had those what-did-I-just- read moments. Each of them were unique in their own way and I loved every one of them. For me, the top 3 that I read over were, Lilly Finds a Place to Stay by Charles Black, Canvey Island Baby by David Turnbull and The Sanitation Solution by Walter Gascoigne.