Rooftop Blues (Poetry Block 3)

Staring down at the city

So peaceful from up above

Yet my heart feels burdened

And running empty on love

The tears of the suffering

Are in my every thought

And I am just one person

Looking down at this once beautiful city, now gone

The streets are deserted

No lights to shine a way

What life is left here not burning

Has been left to a temporary save

So as I stand here

Wings spread out for peace

For the many that lay weary

I will lay my life for them to be free

Poet’s Thoughts: 

When we take the time to step back and appreciate what we have all around us, it is beautiful, breathtaking even. But sometimes we get greedy and the very thing we come to love, we also destroy. We find ourselves trying to pick up the pieces but it’s never the same like when we first have something, or when we first experience something. Yet, somewhere unknown to us there is always someone or some circumstance that brings us back to what we had forgotten. 


The Poe Consequence by Keith Steinbaum


The Poe Consequence


What I loved most about this story is that there is a moral to it. Something I really didn’t expect while I was reading. Certain characters that you encounter, you come to find, are struggling with a personal battle whether it’s guilt, shame, anger, etc. What I find to be beautifully rewarding is that each of them come to terms with their personal battle and they let it go. Some people have to pay dearly for their mistakes, but the ones in the book that truly want to be freed from their past come to find that peace. And that’s the best part of all, that you can find that peace for whatever in your past that holds you down.

The Bird Eater by Ania Ahlborn


The Bird Eater


The Bird Eater, is as creepy as it sounds. This book did in fact keep me up some nights. But in the way the first chapter ended, I simply couldn’t put the book down. This has been the first book to literally give me a sense of fear as I read through the pages. I would consider this a masterpiece of the horror genre.

The Drowned Boy by Karin Fossum


The Drowned Boy


A well crafted mystery that leaves you trying to figure out what really happened. You find yourself feeling bad for the family and the tragedy that has befallen them. But, as you follow the clues and start piecing them together you begin to realize a pattern. The person you were sympathizing for may be the very person you’ll come to hate once you’ve discovered their dark and terrible secret.

Solid Rock (Poetry Block 2)

Looking for a balance

Or something that makes sense

Tired of that emotion

That fills up on emptiness

It’s hard to find solutions

When you keep on getting caught

The next few days may look dreary

But your faith will not

Certain ground may be unstable

Enemies and obstacles will knock

But you always stand as the strong one

Standing with two feet on solid rock

Poet’s Thoughts:

We all fall at one point, sometimes we stay down and out, especially when everything hits us all at once. But this poem offers hope that no matter what we face, no matter how hard we’re hit, we can handle it. And…we’re going to come out on top!