Contain the Violence (Poetry Block 1)

Hands that form fists

Punch out unwanted reflections

The desire to keep going

Is hatred feeding obsession

But an inner voice screams

Pausing the body for a moment

It’s not worth the pain

If you breathe and don’t take it slowly

Contain the violence

And cage your inner demons

Pray on your knees

And let good fill your spirits

In the unknown

Something beautiful always grows

Look up love

And the best will surely follow

Poet’s Thoughts: 

For some of us, our bad days are far more worse than others. This particular poem explains one of my bad days. This is one of many poems that expresses how it is easier for me to externalize physical pain instead of handling the emotional pain. And when I mean “externalizing physical pain”, I mean hurting myself physically. It was just something I could handle easier. But, like it says at the end, “look up love, and the best will surely follow”. When I find a moment to breathe, to collect my thoughts positively, I realize I’m going to be okay.

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