A Sort of Rebirth (Poetry Block 5)

Thunder roars in the sky like a lion untamed

Rain feels like stones falling from the sky

The oceans seem over flowing in their abundant waves

And rainbows light up the saddest eyes

Like footprints in the sand

Love imprints the heart

Distance creates experience

And families are built in stronger parts

As for the chilled seed in winter

That lays still and startled by the storm

Through the cracks of life’s new monuments

Will grow fruitful and rejoice

Poet’s Thoughts:

Nature is beautiful and we need to learn to appreciate it a little more. For it is in the rain and the sunlight that we can replenish our lives. In life we have plenty of battles we face and there are moments within the battles we feel defeated. But as long as we have love in our hearts all the time we’re going to be more than okay. Love connects us back to everything if one is willing to accept it.

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