Said and Done (Poetry Block 6)


Remember what you said

You said you’d never leave, but

My mind feels so corrupted by being misled


All the pieces that were mending

That anger is a beast

I’m not your punching bag

Yet you don’t see how the beatings bury the deceased


Forgiveness is freely given

But to forget is out of range

You must endure and pay the price

Now I’m gone because of your mistake


What you do best in hiding

When the truth is committing suicide in your head

You’re running laps

From the pain that is putting you out of breath


When nothing else is working

And your demons are gaining on you

The light does not shine for you, a direction

Until you finally accept the truth


You’ve reached the end of your rope

No more chances are given

And the price has now been raised

For now the devil has your soul committed

Poet’s Thoughts:

People have the tendency to tell you one thing but then do something else. When you mistreat someone or act out against a loved one it creates a separation. A separation that can destroy the friendship/relationship. You want to make sure that you find him/her and make it right because tomorrow isn’t guaranteed. You don’t want to spend the rest of your life regretting how much better things could have been if you had put your ego aside and apologized, forgiven.

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