Shadow Spell (Cousins O’Dwyer Trilogy, Book 2) by Nora Roberts


Shadow Spell


Connor O’Dwyer, brother to Branna O’Dwyer loves what he does, a proud and respectable falconer. He’s had the privilege of having a new member of the family join them in their home, Iona and she couldn’t be more than happier to be with them. She’s also found love in a man named Boyle. Connor’s had quite a few women in and out of his life, none that have touched him in a way that has meaning, except one, Meara. But Meara won’t let herself give in to the love she’s had for Connor, nor let him give in to her, despite how they feel for one another. But trouble is still afoot with Cabhan still surfacing from time to time. But with things getting tougher for them Connor doesn’t want to lose the opportunity to be with the woman he loves but will Meara finally give in to her feelings and let herself succumb to Connor’s love? Shadow Spell picks up so beautifully after Dark Witch with ten times more romance and magic spread throughout the pages. The determinations and struggles of the characters are felt and believable that you stand on the outside rooting for them to win.

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