Lullaby by Chuck Palahniuk




Carl’s job is to investigate the Sudden Infant Death Syndrome that has befallen a handful of families. He comes to find out that the only link between all the infant deaths is the culling song poem that was read just before their deaths. Carl knows the poem too well. But it doesn’t end there, Carl reads the poem and the next day his boss doesn’t come in and Carl realizes his boss is dead. He reads the poem again and a few more people end up dead because of it. Understanding the true nature of the poem he sets out with the help of a woman, her assistant and the assistant’s boyfriend to track down and find all records of the poem and destroy it. But how would you handle that control, that power, to put to sleep the very people that have always gotten on your nerves? That power to have the ability to strike down your enemies in one single silent strike without ever even touching them, but, by simply reading words on a page. The power of Lullaby is that people need to feel they are in control of their lives and the lives around them, but is there more to it than that?

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