Tired No More (Poetry Block 7)

Banging head to the desk

As the pain makes its way through my chest

Push myself up from the chair

Now I’m standing once again

It always feels like I’m at the end of my rope

But God just threw me down another one

And said, “No child of mine is giving up home!”

What more can I ask for?

When I have a God who understands me

Try my hardest to pray for spiritual strength

As I’m looking forward to that spiritual relief

But as I walk out the door

With weights that are lifted

I’m tired no more

As God is my judge whom also serves as my witness

Poet’s Thoughts:

Life in general will be filled with hard lessons. It can become frustrated, especially when you’re trying to do right for yourself. But God sees everything and he’ll give you a hand when you least expect it. Just think of it this way, you are never tested in something that you’re not already prepared to win.


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