Labels and Words (Poetry Block 8)

Stuck on a name

That nowhere nearly defines me

Bullied by the audience

Words in ways more than one are harming

Living on the edge

With headphones drowning out the noise

Fighting back the tears

That a long time ago had once been joy

I thought I would come out winning

By ignoring the negative

But I was labeled as too damn different

And it hurt more than I should have let it

Weight became the next issue

And the taunts came rolling

My hate was turning

From them to myself real slowly

Wanting to stay silent

And hold in all the pain

I wanted to be like Carrie

And hurt those bullies with my rage

But in an unexpected moment

When I was praying for my strength

I learned about myself

And how truly great of a person I am

Never again will I let labels and words define me

I am and will always be beautiful

And in the eyes of God that is enlightening

Poet’s Thoughts:

Everybody is flawed, but that’s what makes you beautiful and unique. There is nothing wrong with you. NOTHING! People will always find something wrong whether they think you’re too fat or too skinny, too tall or too short, etc. It doesn’t matter what you look like, who you love, race, religion, sex, etc. YOU ARE BEAUTIFUL! (Inside and Outside). So, start believing it, start telling yourself every single day! Don’t let some negative label tell you who you think you are. Don’t let hurtful words describe your character. You know your value and so does God. 

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