My Heart truth told (Poetry Block 9)

It stands protected

Never neglected

I hold it so tight

That I nearly stop breathing

Never do I wear it on my sleeve

For anyone to steal it

Too many times I let it run free

Only for it to fall and break

Recovery is hard when it’s bleeding

That’s when a new part of me awakes

So I lock her up

She’s missing too many pieces

And I can’t trust again

Which is the hardest decision

That’s just a fraction of a glance

On why my heart remains closed

I got to do what’s right for her

Even if at times she feels alone

Poet’s Thoughts:

At one point or another someone can relate, whether you’re a guy or a girl. When you’re with someone you believe in giving your all. Especially if it’s for love. You trust with everything and you love hard. Unfortunately, both, when broken are so hard to fix. And once you do start to finally heal you’re less trusting and less likely to give your heart to love again. You build walls around yourself for protection but there’s nothing wrong with that. Nobody can protect you better than you! The right person will come along. And what I mean by “right” is that the person who comes along will find you worth breaking your walls down for gaining both your trust and your love. 

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