Of Water and Fire (Poetry Block 33)

Set apart by boundaries

The entanglement of desire

Fighting like rivals

But still faithful to one another

Closing with an embrace

Tightly driven by magic

Love flourishes through any indifference

And replenishes our motivational will

Bringing light in the darkness

Ridding evil for good

Our souls are of water and fire

A passionate flame tames the unruly flood


Poet’s Thoughts:

I wrote this one on how I saw love in a relationship. There can be things that might appear in front of you making it hard to be with someone. But then when you’re with someone, there are obstacles. Obstacles are meant to be faced. Together. No matter what. The love you have for someone will allow that challenge to be overcome. But, like anything, it has to be worked at, you can’t just start something and never finish it. If you’re in it. You’re both in it. End of story. I also believe there’s just a hint of magic in love. If he/she gives you butterflies still, if hearing their voice calms you, if you only have 5 minutes to spend with them you make it count, you can’t wait to see them again, even if they are with you, you’re already missing them, etc. It’s the little things you appreciate about each other that makes it beautiful. You’ll drive each other crazy, at times, yes, but it’s good for you. The stronger the relationship, the more challenges you get to face, but the best part is you’ll be facing them together. And the best part is that while you both might share some common interests, you both also share differences but that’s what compliments the relationship. Growing it into a solid foundation. 



Gargoyle (Poetry Block 32)

Perched on the edge

Looking down on disillusionment

The humans and their weapons

Have become the newest type of pollution

Murders and crimes

Filling up the T.V. screens

Tears and goodbyes

Sadness on the look of things

High above

Yet still grounded to reality

I don’t want to see anymore

This anger inside shows favor to my outer skin

Gargoyle or guardian

This peace is so divided

I can’t stand being up here

And just watching all the violence

I made a vow

Yet you won’t let me interfere

Why don’t they understand?

Life can’t be lived if you’re only living it in fear

I was once a monster

And I was punished for my sins

Now wishing I had lived my life

All I’m feeling sorry for are the kids

Regret that I’m still paying off

I should’ve been a leader

Instead of going down a path in which I’m guilty of

So I’ll pray my Lord

That you guide these souls lost in heart

Don’t let them become like me

Who gave it all up for a pipe dream cost


Poet’s Thoughts:

I believe, as humans, we have the tendency to sometimes want to create chaos so that we can depend on our very selves to defeat it. Except, we don’t really know how to because it builds and builds and slowly becomes out of our control. We end up having to watch the destruction it causes wishing we had just let well enough alone. And sometimes the punishment that precedes the chaos is worse. A repetition of events that could have been avoided had we taken the responsibility to think with our minds and not our feelings. Seeing the bigger picture in any circumstance certainly outweighs any easy, cheap quick fix that we think will take care of itself. Think long term. 

Glass Between Fingers (Poetry Block 31)

Ready to fight

With karma in my own hands

I’m dying tonight

There will be some blood shed

Time is always the crusader

And I feel I’ve withered away

With no love left inside

I’m only left fighting this pain

Broken pieces that won’t go together

Keep cutting me down to size

For when good nature held me down

It was the evil that untied

This time darkness clouds my judgment

As the breaths of defeat become none

With glass between fingers

I’m more deadly than the killer of tons


Poet’s Thoughts:

This poem regarding my emotional state during a cutting session is very powerful. This was something I was feeling inside, in my head. It was how I saw things. How I believed things. But it was also at a point where I didn’t necessarily need a reason to cut, I just wanted to. To me, the last 3 lines hit like a nail to the head. “As the breaths of defeat become none/With glass between fingers/I’m more deadly than the killer of tons/”, I was no longer feeling defeated by demons, but more in unison with them. The glass symbolizes my weapon of choice. And lastly, the end line defined the fact that I didn’t need someone to threaten me with killing me, that I’d be happy to do it myself. 

The Healer’s Hands (Poetry Block 30)

Hands that burn

Hands that sin

Hands that earn

Hands that give

Hands that build up

Hands that tear down

Hands that hold life

Hands that wear out

Hands that never give up

Hands that fight

Hands so beautiful yet rough

Hands that work without limitations

Hands that face age

Hands that protect through devastation

Hands that rejoice with praise

The healers’s hands

Powerful and strong

Yet so fragile an instrument

In such storms remain in prayer and calm


Poet’s Thoughts:

I remember when I was little I would play with my grandmother’s (pita) skin. I would pinch the skin and it would stay in place then I would flatten it again. I would put my hand against hers and study the differences wondering what all her hands have done. Every inch of us, whether it’s our skin or our bodies, etc. tells a story. Each story tells something different and worth remembering. 

Force (Poetry Block 29)

The wind blows

As the rain refreshes me

I became a new force

As God takes hold of my wings

Walking with him

By faith not by sight

Through this darkness

For my journey starts tonight

Obstacles rise

And my faith tested

But with God as my sword and shield

I’m a force to be reckoned 

I pray every day

For blessing of inner strength

I know God is the highest force

And embodies light in the darkest place


Poet’s Thoughts:

When you finally open yourself up to receive positive vibes, positive connections, positive anything in your life, you’re brought to a place you never knew existed. It’s a freedom you never thought you deserved. Ever since I learned how to break the shell I had been trapped by, I have had God always with me. I have prayed in both the good and bad times. And there is absolutely nothing wrong with that!