Of Water and Fire (Poetry Block 33)

Set apart by boundaries The entanglement of desire Fighting like rivals But still faithful to one another Closing with an embrace Tightly driven by magic Love flourishes through any indifference And replenishes our motivational will Bringing light in the darkness Ridding evil for good Our souls are of water and fire A passionate flame tames the unruly flood   Poet’s Thoughts: I wrote this oneĀ on how I saw love in a relationship. There can be things that might appear in front of you making it hard to be with someone. But then when you’re with someone, there are obstacles. Obstacles … Continue reading Of Water and Fire (Poetry Block 33)

Gargoyle (Poetry Block 32)

Perched on the edge Looking down on disillusionment The humans and their weapons Have become the newest type of pollution Murders and crimes Filling up the T.V. screens Tears and goodbyes Sadness on the look of things High above Yet still grounded to reality I don’t want to see anymore This anger inside shows favor to my outer skin Gargoyle or guardian This peace is so divided I can’t stand being up here And just watching all the violence I made a vow Yet you won’t let me interfere Why don’t they understand? Life can’t be lived if you’re only … Continue reading Gargoyle (Poetry Block 32)

Glass Between Fingers (Poetry Block 31)

Ready to fight With karma in my own hands I’m dying tonight There will be some blood shed Time is always the crusader And I feel I’ve withered away With no love left inside I’m only left fighting this pain Broken pieces that won’t go together Keep cutting me down to size For when good nature held me down It was the evil that untied This time darkness clouds my judgment As the breaths of defeat become none With glass between fingers I’m more deadly than the killer of tons   Poet’s Thoughts: This poem regarding my emotional state during … Continue reading Glass Between Fingers (Poetry Block 31)

The Healer’s Hands (Poetry Block 30)

Hands that burn Hands that sin Hands that earn Hands that give Hands that build up Hands that tear down Hands that hold life Hands that wear out Hands that never give up Hands that fight Hands so beautiful yet rough Hands that work without limitations Hands that face age Hands that protect through devastation Hands that rejoice with praise The healers’s hands Powerful and strong Yet so fragile an instrument In such storms remain in prayer and calm   Poet’s Thoughts: I remember when I was little I would play with my grandmother’s (pita) skin. I would pinch the … Continue reading The Healer’s Hands (Poetry Block 30)

Force (Poetry Block 29)

The wind blows As the rain refreshes me I became a new force As God takes hold of my wings Walking with him By faith not by sight Through this darkness For my journey starts tonight Obstacles rise And my faith tested But with God as my sword and shield I’m a force to be reckonedĀ  I pray every day For blessing of inner strength I know God is the highest force And embodies light in the darkest place   Poet’s Thoughts: When you finally open yourself up to receive positive vibes, positive connections, positive anything in your life, you’re … Continue reading Force (Poetry Block 29)