In Darkness enters Light (Poetry Block 10)

Eyes that hide a secret

Only darkness can unfold

The heart at its weakest

Obeys the desire to let go

Hands that tremble

At the touch of their maker

Souls as one are kneeling

As erased become their failures

Sudden sparks rekindle

And the void exists no more

For healed are the once wounded

Such a delight even darkness could not ignore

Poet’s Thoughts:

The power to forgive is, well…powerful! Being able to gather your strength and let your pride go to ask for forgiveness is a positive release. Just as positive as forgiving someone else. Just as you ask of it, you should bestow it upon others that seek your forgiveness. With forgiving comes the freedom to start over and we can always use a second chance. The beauty behind forgiveness also impresses your demons, believe it or not, because you’ve been forgiven that all their hard work to bring you down and drag you into darkness was all for nothing. Because they can’t have you. You’re not theirs to have! After all, you’ve been forgiven, a clean slate.

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