Ka$h Major (Poetry Block 11)

Creative in his words

The talent of an artist

His soul in the melody

With dreams that sing the highest

Powerful is his music

Inspiring to all the world

The gift of a young man

Who only wishes to be heard

But struggle he does not

Fully focused on his mission

Doing all this in the name of music

With a goal that outweighs any competition

Daily challenges he faces

But God does most of the heavy lifting

With fans on his right

And haters on the left

Ka$h Major stays a step ahead

Always saying God Bless

Poet’s Thoughts:

Back when Myspace was the only social media network I met this wonderful and talented artist. Yep! You guessed it, his name is Ka$h Major. I had received an email about his music so I decided to listen to it. I fell in love with Hypersonick (Feat J Dot D) off his Best Artist Alive album. After that I began listening to other songs he had out there. I told him what I thought of his music and after that we became really good friends. 5 plus years later and we’ve grown to become best friends. We’ve shared more than music, but good and bad times as well. The good times definitely outweighing the bad of course! I don’t know what I would do without him, he means more than he knows. 


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