Prince of Conjurers by Laurie L. Bolanos


Prince of Conjurers


First and foremost, let me just say I have never read a book that made me cry. With that being said, this book has definitely put me through an emotional roller coaster but it was well worth the ride! It had me on the edge of my nerves as I flipped page after page trying to get closer to the ending. As soon as something came together, or was figured out, that’s when it got more complicated. More pieces of the puzzle were missing than resolved. I was transported into another world in which I felt every emotion the characters were going through. I felt their pain. I felt their passion. I felt their anger.Understanding how someone can captivate your mind, body and soul and what you would do to preserve it. Even if it meant doing something unspeakable! A beautiful masterpiece to be read again and again.

Author: cristinaisabelauthor

I love reading books as much as I love writing them. I enjoy drinking all sorts of teas and eating dark chocolate. When I need a trip back down to earth, I watch Seinfeld for comedy relief in this serious world. I'm a kid at heart that still enjoys receiving stuffed animals as gifts. I'm a Star Wars fan with the Nightmare Before Christmas as my theme music.

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