Inspiration, The Survivor (Dedicated to Rebecca Rivera) (Poetry Block 12)

You’ve been to hell and back

That makes you a fighter

Never giving up hope

That makes you a believer

Smiling through the struggles

That makes you optimistic

Reaching to always lend a hand

That makes you a friend

Giving me faith to never give up

That makes you Inspiration, The Survivor

Poet’s Thoughts:

This was written for a special friend, no longer living. But, while she was here on earth I embraced her presence, her laughs, her smiles, her hugs, her kisses, her love and her spirit. When I needed someone to talk to about things she always made herself available to listen. We talked about pretty much anything, from tattoos down to favorite movies. I miss her dearly but I know she’s looking down on me, smiling. I know she will always be with me. Thank you Rebecca for being a chapter part of my life. I love you!

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