In Honor of LGBT Equality (We are People…)

We are unique

We are beautiful

We are strong

We are brave

We are difference

We are change

We are committed

We are wise

We are family

We are love

We are unity

We are hope

We are peace

We are one

We are free spirits

We are faith

We are diverse

We are human

We are supporters

We are guidance

We are not afraid

We are miracles

We are confidence

We are proud

We are friends

We are neighbors

We are whole

We are gifted

We are forever

We are happy

We are unconditional

We are dreamers

We are the future

We are Rainbows after the Storm

We are Lights in the Dark

We are Heartbeats louder than Drums

We are many Faces with one Voice

We are many Hands joined

We are Standing Together fighting for choice

We Are

Poet’s Thoughts:

As a supporter of LGBT Equality, I wrote this a few years ago. It’s simple yet I feel it also relays an important message. It represents Peace. It represents Life. It represents Love. We’re all in need of love. Every last single one of us. From the ones who don’t have enough or have never experienced love down to the ones who have too much of it. I don’t care who you are but whether you want to believe it or not Love exists everywhere, from the very air we breathe down to the very lives we touch. It shouldn’t matter to whom the love is given, as long as it is love, unconditional love. Above everything else. If you have love in your heart, soul and mind, then there is nothing anyone can take from you. 


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