The Orphan Army (The Nightsiders) by Jonathan Maberry


The Orphan Army (The Nightsiders)


The cover is what got me to really want to read this book in the first place. It made me want to pick it up and know more about this orphan army. And boy, I can tell you, I wasn’t disappointed with its delivery. Milo has a lot to deal with in his world, and with his dreams, that also feel real too many a time. The truth is, this world he is living in is being slowly taken over by these ugly, nasty bug invaders. He wants to fight and he does make new friends that are willing to fight with him. But, this invasion is only the beginning. Something bigger is coming, will they be prepared to face it? I, personally want to help him fight these terrible bug invaders! I truly enjoyed taking the journey with Milo, even if this book is designed for a younger audience, adults are more than welcome to read it as well.

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