The other side of Death (Poetry Block 15)

It was here where I saw

That death was my friend

I stared deep in his darkness

And he gave me his hand

As cold as he was

The braver I got

We were walking with purpose

But afraid I was not

As I followed behind

All I could do was think

How did he become who he is?

And take lives within blinks

Who was he really?

What was he like before?

And as we walked

I thought about it some more

He stopped and we came facing the ocean

Whose life would be next? 

As the sun set the closing

I had closed my eyes

To take in the air

Reopened with amazement

For I was now the death of despair

Poet’s Thoughts:

This poem was written after my attempt to strangle myself. It had gone wrong and I actually received a tiny glimpse of my life flashing before my eyes. Nobody ever believes that is possible until you’re actually in a situation in which it makes it possible. There had been a presence that stopped me from going through with it all the way. I have already made my peace with dying, for it is inevitable. In other words, I’m not afraid to die. It has always been something I never feared because I embraced it more often than not. Death doesn’t discriminate which is why we should always live for the here and now, Love with full hearts and Live with full purpose.

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