Colors (Poetry Block 16)

Pain is pain

No matter how you color the stains

Words of anger hit deep

When they go straight to the head

Then pour out when you bleed

Tears are tears

Whether you fight them or let them fall

Nothing seems to change

And the days just seem long

Staring out the window

Hoping for an answer

But your eyes deceive

This black and white

Is where you live and can’t be free

Your heart is still

Everything is silent

But your mind has will

And the colors begin to slowly pour

The light returns

And now you finally  feel the warmth

Second chances open new doors

The old life hangs

But the scars will always remain

As truths that will set you free

Welcome colors that struck the past

To pour out beauty

Poet’s Thoughts:

This explains one of the moods I had been in during a depressive state. These were the thoughts that came to mind after I found the strength to calm down and think things through. When too much emotion is exposed it sets up a lot of triggers, at least for me it did. I might have started off with sadness but it always erupted into anger, my primary weapon feeding into my depression. It made me feel stronger but it also gave me the power to just become more reckless. It was a power I couldn’t control and by the end of it I always felt depleted.

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