Destruction & Devastation (Poetry Block 17)

The earth does shake

When the world is at war

Fallen defenders bleed

And the devastation consumes us more

What hired hands we used

To build life up

Become demon fangs

That are ravenous

Nothing left behind

But chaotic greed

Such an unfortunate chapter

But from this, somehow, we will succeed

As humans

We birth destruction

When it becomes out of control

Then the eyes start judging

And cursed lips (start) mouth (ing) off punishments

But hope returns to the hopeless

And courage to the fearful

Hands that made destruction and devastation

Through great sacrifice also birth the miracle

Poet’s Thoughts:

There is always a better solution to something that is “bad”. Bad being a mild understatement. We are too blinded by greed, blocked by our own selves that we can’t see a solution that doesn’t involve mass hysteria. We seem to like the attention and it’s ugly. But there are always people that are willing to go the extra mile to “clean up” the mess. People that are willing to set an example worth following, that no matter how bleak life can seem/get there’s still a reason, a purpose to rebuild our own.

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