Reaching Out (Poetry Block 19)

My heart was left cut open

And my tears up for display

My mouth was silenced

Before I got a chance to say

No more violence

No more abuse

My ears are bleeding out

From words that hit like subtle cues

Hands should never be hurting

And when hatred speaks

Tongues are cursing

Eyes judge

And inside I feel the tension

The life of an innocent

Ripped by other consciences

On a daily basis

Struggling to survive

My world is your world is their world

And we’re all trying to stay alive

But together we’re connected

Like kindred spirits

Forming on a wall against violence

Is our one and only mission

Poet’s Thoughts:

I’ve known people who’ve been abused to this extent, so this is for them. There are all forms of abuse, not just physical, but verbal and mental types too! You should never have to stay and endure such pain, but I understand that sometimes it’s hard to find a way out. Excuses are made for the person, thinking or believing they’ll change, so you stay. NO! GET OUT!!! The help they require is beyond your capability. Nothing they do to you is ever your fault. And you don’t need to put up with it. Love does not require physical, verbal or mental violence to be obtained. YOU DESERVE BETTER!

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