Harpoon my Madness (Poetry Block 21)

Anger knows me

Better than I know myself

Rage touches me

Whatever good my heart holds

Don’t know me anymore

As I scream out

To all of the world

I know what I’ve become

The same person

I promised to give up

This failure is all my own

But I can’t seem to rid this madness

That grows

I can’t control this anger

That’s feeding off of me

Words that hurt from the pain

That I’ve said

Have become poison to my veins

Harpoon my madness

That is growing inside of me

I want to die from the sadness

That lives on more deep

I’m trying to fight it out

As it pulls me from within

Can’t harpoon my madness

That’s breaking every right of me to live

Poet’s Thoughts:

My own personal description (one of many) of how my anger disrupts me.  How my anger makes me feel like an entirely different person. A dangerous, destructive person at that. The anger is very consuming, literally like a poison to my body. 

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