Caught in the Mindscape (Poetry Block 22)

I can’t sleep tonight

Guess I’ll drown myself 

In colored lights

Under the darkened sky

You’ll find me colorful

And you’ll mistake 

My pain

For a smile

Cause it’s all the same 

To you

But you keep inching yourself in deeper

Yet one day

I’ll bleed out the truth

Poet’s Thoughts:

When you’re feeling a certain type of way and the person/people around you fail to realize that you’re not okay. They don’t understand or know how to read your body language or your face. They overlook how you’re feeling and as they get to know you over time there will be a day in which they will come to find just exactly how you’ve been feeling and they’ll understand that it wasn’t happiness. They’ll see in the light just exactly what your true identity is, what you’ve been hiding in the dark this whole time.


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