The Grave (Poetry Block 23)

Cold and monumental

The statues of the grave

When no one is watching

They pick up wilted flowers off the dead

Staring down in sadness

At those who’ve left the earth

As daylight makes its waking call

The statues are back to their place, returned

Families come to visit

Once again

Fresh flowers for their loved ones

Eternally embedded to the grave

Poet’s Thoughts:

What I love most about this poem is that even though it’s sad, it’s also a reality check. We lose people every day in unforeseen/unfortunate circumstances. But as we well know, death is in fact inevitable.  It’s very hard for some people to actually go to a cemetery and visit their deceased because it sets an emotional feeling within. They rather remember them in a different way and not as bones buried in the ground. And there is nothing wrong with that. To each his own. But I believe they are being well taken care of by the angels we cannot see. They take care of them until we are ready to pay our respects. 

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