Mouthful (Poetry Block 24)

You talk so much

My ears already fell

Now I’m lip reading the bullshit

And it’s making my eyes fall under spell

Now, speaking is not a crime

But all you speak is hate

So my choice to ignore you

Keeps me sane in my mental state

All the words you say

Flood your mouth like rivers of poison

I’m surprised you’re alive

Since you went friend to enemy in less than three seconds

No matter how you paint the picture

Your words make you ugly out and in

And your lips will become blistered

By your own mouthful of sins


Poet’s Thoughts:

There are people that will always talk bad about someone, always find a way to mock someone. It makes them feel better. But, it won’t for long. Their karma is in the works. People’s words can hurt just as much as their actions but we’ve got to learn to not let them, and it’s so hard not to. It’s hard not to get angered by them. Don’t let the negative words of lost people get to you, because that is all they are, lost. And all we can do is pray for them. 


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