Head High (Poetry Block 25)

I count

Then breathe

Curtains open

Then read

My words

In your ears

Their meaning

Bring tears

The truth

It hurts

Opening up

On lessons learned

I fall

And gave up

Pray hard

And arose tough

The scars remain

Healed wounds

Reminders every day

Still I pulled through

Faith restored

Life renewed

Head High

God, thanks to you


Poet’s Thoughts:

You get to a certain point where you don’t know how you ended up somewhere but you’re out. You made it! You survived! It doesn’t mean it’s over though. There will always be some obstacle that stands in the way even after you’ve defeated it many times before. But with each surviving moment of the obstacles you have faced, you have also gained experience and strength. The more obstacles you face the stronger you become. And with that strength comes the knowledge of knowing that the obstacles to come are nothing but pebbles in your shoe and all you have to do is take them out. One by one. 


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