Disastrous and Beautiful (Poetry Block 27)

An un-rested heart

Beats wearily

As the punches slap tight around the lips

But a black eye stays observant

As the recording of words sink deeper in

Arms that have lost their strength

Tremble in the dark

Legs that can no longer pick up

A body so torn apart

Heavily burned 

Every inch of self worth

But where beautiful met unfortunate

An unspeakable healing is unearthed

The tears that fall from cursed eyes

Will greet the sun one day

For in every painful experience

A stronger self is born again


Poet’s Thoughts:

This was written in relation to all types of abuse. To all types of silent pain that we carry within and as much as we want to scream, we simply can’t. I speak for myself when I say it’s easier for me to scream on the inside and pray that someone can hear me. There is pain we hide so well from people because we are afraid what they might say, what they might think, etc. But despite what type of circumstance we are in during these hard times, we should always use the strength to find an out, it’s not healthy for anybody to be stuck, though sometimes it is easier just to accept the silence. 


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