Deep Below (Poetry Block 28)

Pieces of memories

Lying in bloody hands

Time stole from me

The ability to understand

Faith is in the negative

And it’s far from too late

Sitting in the pollution of silence

Anger inside becomes outwardly engraved

The cure has expired

And I taste death when I swallow

At this point feeling soulless and tired

In the hole of the world so deep below


Poet’s Thoughts:

This poem, by far, is one of my absolute top 10 favorites out of all the poems I’ve written. The poem was written a few days after I had cut myself to the extreme. It was at a point where I thought cutting was the best I can do, that it was all I had. After everything, I’ve come to the conclusion it’s not true. Anger was my best friend in my darkest times and I didn’t care who I acted out against. I was under the impression I was alone despite how many people said they were there for me. I refused to believe them. I had refused to believe anybody could love someone like me. After everything, I’ve come to the conclusion that as well, isn’t true. None of it was ever true but it’s easier to believe when you’re in a dark world in your head.

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