Force (Poetry Block 29)

The wind blows

As the rain refreshes me

I became a new force

As God takes hold of my wings

Walking with him

By faith not by sight

Through this darkness

For my journey starts tonight

Obstacles rise

And my faith tested

But with God as my sword and shield

I’m a force to be reckoned 

I pray every day

For blessing of inner strength

I know God is the highest force

And embodies light in the darkest place


Poet’s Thoughts:

When you finally open yourself up to receive positive vibes, positive connections, positive anything in your life, you’re brought to a place you never knew existed. It’s a freedom you never thought you deserved. Ever since I learned how to break the shell I had been trapped by, I have had God always with me. I have prayed in both the good and bad times. And there is absolutely nothing wrong with that!


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