Glass Between Fingers (Poetry Block 31)

Ready to fight

With karma in my own hands

I’m dying tonight

There will be some blood shed

Time is always the crusader

And I feel I’ve withered away

With no love left inside

I’m only left fighting this pain

Broken pieces that won’t go together

Keep cutting me down to size

For when good nature held me down

It was the evil that untied

This time darkness clouds my judgment

As the breaths of defeat become none

With glass between fingers

I’m more deadly than the killer of tons


Poet’s Thoughts:

This poem regarding my emotional state during a cutting session is very powerful. This was something I was feeling inside, in my head. It was how I saw things. How I believed things. But it was also at a point where I didn’t necessarily need a reason to cut, I just wanted to. To me, the last 3 lines hit like a nail to the head. “As the breaths of defeat become none/With glass between fingers/I’m more deadly than the killer of tons/”, I was no longer feeling defeated by demons, but more in unison with them. The glass symbolizes my weapon of choice. And lastly, the end line defined the fact that I didn’t need someone to threaten me with killing me, that I’d be happy to do it myself. 

Author: cristinaisabelauthor

I love reading books as much as I love writing them. I enjoy drinking all sorts of teas and eating dark chocolate. When I need a trip back down to earth, I watch Seinfeld for comedy relief in this serious world. I'm a kid at heart that still enjoys receiving stuffed animals as gifts. I'm a Star Wars fan with the Nightmare Before Christmas as my theme music.

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