Of Water and Fire (Poetry Block 33)

Set apart by boundaries

The entanglement of desire

Fighting like rivals

But still faithful to one another

Closing with an embrace

Tightly driven by magic

Love flourishes through any indifference

And replenishes our motivational will

Bringing light in the darkness

Ridding evil for good

Our souls are of water and fire

A passionate flame tames the unruly flood


Poet’s Thoughts:

I wrote this one on how I saw love in a relationship. There can be things that might appear in front of you making it hard to be with someone. But then when you’re with someone, there are obstacles. Obstacles are meant to be faced. Together. No matter what. The love you have for someone will allow that challenge to be overcome. But, like anything, it has to be worked at, you can’t just start something and never finish it. If you’re in it. You’re both in it. End of story. I also believe there’s just a hint of magic in love. If he/she gives you butterflies still, if hearing their voice calms you, if you only have 5 minutes to spend with them you make it count, you can’t wait to see them again, even if they are with you, you’re already missing them, etc. It’s the little things you appreciate about each other that makes it beautiful. You’ll drive each other crazy, at times, yes, but it’s good for you. The stronger the relationship, the more challenges you get to face, but the best part is you’ll be facing them together. And the best part is that while you both might share some common interests, you both also share differences but that’s what compliments the relationship. Growing it into a solid foundation. 



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