God and his Greatest Opposer (Poetry Block 39)

The sun shines And the flowers bloom The rain clouds tower While the rest of life follows Still, underneath all beauty A tormentor shadows One can’t live without the other For there is good and bad in everything Yet the choice to obey is sometimes harder The tormentor knows our dreams And preys upon our weaknesses But God still holds out for us Instilling us with consciousness God creates Giving us a high in abundances While the tormentor destroys Clipping our wings maliciously Though God stays a few steps ahead The tormentor harmfully follows For it is always an everlasting … Continue reading God and his Greatest Opposer (Poetry Block 39)

Fever of the Mind (Poetry Block 38)

As the nights are more vicious I can barely catch a breath From the nightmare I’m still constantly living Where thoughts become fallen tears And memories a drunken curse The razor that tastes my skin This battle of depression seems to be getting worse I thought I was better But some days I don’t know My mind is is in the state of fragile And the anger within still flows The chains that have me I broke once before And each attempt to fight Tightens their grip ten times more Sometimes the fight isn’t in me And I’m sickened to … Continue reading Fever of the Mind (Poetry Block 38)

The Starting Muse (Poetry Block 37)

I got lines rehearsing in my head I don’t have enough time to write them on paper So I am writing them on my hands But you know me; I’ll rewrite them again later The touch of ink to the skin Awakens this dark inner child To have words temporarily tattooed On the outer soul of a writer A little slightly smudged But the idea still remains great All originals from the head Still fresh like new paint   Poet’s Thoughts: This one was a bit humorous for me because anyone who knew me knew I was famous for writing … Continue reading The Starting Muse (Poetry Block 37)

The Words Massacre (Poetry Block 36)

Letter of a poet Left on the floor No sign of forced entry But left behind was a little something more Pens all inked out And papers full of words This poet lived a full life Leaving a story to be heard The last of a story Or the beginning of something new This material is valuable In the eyes of adults and youth Words have their meanings Whether speaking pain or speaking truth ┬áDried tears On crumbled pages Words scribbled out Reiterated It had to make sense It had to fit right in place This poet was simply genius … Continue reading The Words Massacre (Poetry Block 36)

Amazing woman, My mother (Poetry Block 35)

The bond will never die Yet throughout the years will grow No matter how distant Our hearts will always remain close She started as my mother Then later became my best friend Like two peas in a pod We will be inseparable even past the end We’ve shared in each other’s struggles, bad times and confusion But sewed up the holes with happiness, love and faith And as we’ve looked back all those times seem nothing But amusing At one point we had let things get in the way I know there will be a time When one day she … Continue reading Amazing woman, My mother (Poetry Block 35)