Buried (Poetry Block 34)

It starts with pain

And the scarring of skin

To the collapse of a heart that will once again learn to begin

Paraded by struggles and tears

And pinned down by memories

Places all too familiar

Soak the nightmares deeper in

After all the losses

And battles in between

The healing is more powerful

But that much harder to believe

The rays are strong

Burning down that external darkness

And shedding out of

That existent internal blindness

But as painful the experience

Myself I did carry

The hardest lessons learned and still more to come

Pulling the negative and leaving it buried


Poet’s Thoughts:

When you go through something at a repetitious level, slowly but surely you find that strength that has remained dormant all this time. You  end up struggling against a part of yourself because the battle is always constant. You lose a piece of yourself in each fight, however, if you think about the positive aspect instead, you’ll gain that strength you thought you never had. You start seeing things in a much brighter way which allows you that ability to call out your demons and cast them out. 

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