Amazing woman, My mother (Poetry Block 35)

The bond will never die

Yet throughout the years will grow

No matter how distant

Our hearts will always remain close

She started as my mother

Then later became my best friend

Like two peas in a pod

We will be inseparable even past the end

We’ve shared in each other’s struggles, bad times and confusion

But sewed up the holes with happiness, love and faith

And as we’ve looked back all those times seem nothing

But amusing

At one point we had let things get in the way

I know there will be a time

When one day she will have to leave

And by God I pray

That she may embrace that internal peace

But for now I live in the moments I share with her

My blessing, my friend, my angel

This amazing woman known only as my mother


Poet’s Thoughts:

My mom and I were not always close and it took a lot of time, patience and understanding to become as close as we are now. We learned from each other and we are still learning from each other. We learned to put differences aside to grow our relationship. We’ve gone through ups and downs but we’ve overcome the odds together. The love that has bonded our relationship throughout the years has certainly been a blessing. She is my rock, my shoulder to cry one, my comforting hug when I’m down. I am proud to call myself her daughter as I am proud to have her as my mother. 


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