The Starting Muse (Poetry Block 37)

I got lines rehearsing in my head

I don’t have enough time to write them on paper

So I am writing them on my hands

But you know me; I’ll rewrite them again later

The touch of ink to the skin

Awakens this dark inner child

To have words temporarily tattooed

On the outer soul of a writer

A little slightly smudged

But the idea still remains great

All originals from the head

Still fresh like new paint


Poet’s Thoughts:

This one was a bit humorous for me because anyone who knew me knew I was famous for writing all over my skin. I was told I would get ink poisoning for doing so but honestly I didn’t care. My concern was more running out of skin to complete my idea and then looking upon my skin at all the words scribbled on it. I’m glad I never did it when we had tests to take because I’m pretty sure the teacher would’ve thought I was cheating. If I did have long sleeves I would carefully place it over my arms and try not to press against my skin for fear it would rub off before I got a chance to actually write it on paper. By the time I got home though some of it would be smudged because when I pulled my arms through the straps of my backpack I would forget to “handle with care”, but, in  my defense the words were still readable. A lot of times I preferred my skin to paper whether I was writing an idea on my skin or drawing logos from band covers. Now, I do take the time to write all my ideas in a notebook or using the memo app on my phone, which has proved to be quite useful for me, especially when I’m dreaming. 



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