Fever of the Mind (Poetry Block 38)

As the nights are more vicious

I can barely catch a breath

From the nightmare I’m still constantly living

Where thoughts become fallen tears

And memories a drunken curse

The razor that tastes my skin

This battle of depression seems to be getting worse

I thought I was better

But some days I don’t know

My mind is is in the state of fragile

And the anger within still flows

The chains that have me

I broke once before

And each attempt to fight

Tightens their grip ten times more

Sometimes the fight isn’t in me

And I’m sickened to even try

So I lay down in my own sickness

Fighting a fever of the mind


Poet’s Thoughts:

This one is another favorite of mine despite the topic at hand. It’s the way that I describe my battle with depression and where my mind is at the time of its conquering. This was written at a time where I literally had become so fatigued from the fight with myself that I just let go and let it take me over. I just fell into sleep and just cried and cried and cried. Yes, I did cut some more, I did drink, drowning myself in something. But, most importantly I broke that fever, overtime. 


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