God and his Greatest Opposer (Poetry Block 39)

The sun shines

And the flowers bloom

The rain clouds tower

While the rest of life follows

Still, underneath all beauty

A tormentor shadows

One can’t live without the other

For there is good and bad in everything

Yet the choice to obey is sometimes harder

The tormentor knows our dreams

And preys upon our weaknesses

But God still holds out for us

Instilling us with consciousness

God creates

Giving us a high in abundances

While the tormentor destroys

Clipping our wings maliciously

Though God stays a few steps ahead

The tormentor harmfully follows

For it is always an everlasting battle

Going with God

While the tormentor prowls


Poet’s Thoughts:

We have the ability to choose right from wrong. We have the ability to know what good and what bad comes out of our decision making. Sometimes we question the consequences when we choose the bad, or we simply don’t believe any bad will come at all. That we might actually get away by a landslide but it doesn’t happen often, but they do happen. We defy because we are certain of the outcome when in fact we are not and so we learn the hard way of doing things as opposed to the smart way of doing things. We try to skip or cut corners and yes there are moments where that works out, but, not always. We often get steered the wrong way but God is watching and he provides us with an out if we truly see the bigger picture. And he knows we will fall but he will always remain in close proximity to help us back on our feet whereas the enemy would just let us fall and run off. The enemy might know us inside and out and know how to push our buttons, but, God too, knows us inside and out and is willing to guide us, even if it means falling first. 


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