The Devil Crept In by Ania Ahlborn


The Devil Crept In


In being that this is the second book I read from Ania Ahlborn, I have to say, it did not disappoint.  I have all her other books on a list to read ASAP!  But back to The Devil Crept In…it’s a different type of terror that squeezes at you from the inside.  You’re not sure what to think or what to believe.  There were probably a few times in which I knew where the story was going and boom, plot twist!  And as I read the story, chilling images came into my head.  There were intense, horrifying moments in this book and that’s what made it all the sweeter! Sorry, I do have a sick sense of humor, or is it sick sense of horror?.  As you start putting two and two together, things are not what they appear to be, or are they?  As they say.  I, personally, was definitely intrigued by the turn of events in this book.  Ania has done it again, scared me sleepless! (I hope that makes sense, Lol).  You start to feel something from inside, something that is telling you, this isn’t right.  Keep Reading!  And if you haven’t started. Start Reading!

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