When He met Her (Poetry Block 40)

She means the world to him

When she smiles. He smiles.

If she is sad. He is sad.

Her eyes tell him how she feels.

His embrace tells her how he feels.

Nothing and everything exists.


Times have been tough

and times will get tougher.

But they work together.

Every single time.


The sun may not always shine,

but it shines.

It might rain,

but they are each other’s umbrella.

They might not be perfect,

but they are complete.

A real power couple.


They have struggles.

Yes, they have fears,

but they remain positive.

Obstacles have tried them

and sometimes they’ve fallen.

Yet, they come back up always and together.


When they fight, they fight together.

But, when they love, they love passionately, unconditionally.

For they are whole.


Poet’s Thoughts: 

This is what being  a “power couple” means.  You both will encounter things and it is important on how you both handle them.  When you do everything together, there are no limitations.  You both are willing to do for each other and that is an important factor.  It shouldn’t always just be left to the woman, or just left to the man.  It’s 200%.  It’s about picking each other up, supporting each other, comforting each other, etc.   Not taking each other for granted, appreciating each other.  When Love is a strong, solid foundation, the rest follows.  You both have to be willing to work at it, trust each other and communicate with one another.  Or everything you’ve worked hard for can be lost.  Don’t be afraid to Love.  And don’t be ashamed to Love hard.  If someone can’t “handle” it, they aren’t the one.  Love is a beautiful thing and everyone deserves to be loved.  Everyone.

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