Veggies have Feelings Too by Spanish Missy


Veggies have Feelings Too


A simple story about a vegetable that wants to know why kids won’t eat him.  A Beginner’s Guide to teach your child how to practice their vegetables in Spanish.  The story is told in English, with an opportunity to read the story in Spanish to your child.  It is very simple, yet it is a fun way to learn vegetables in Spanish.  There were some names of vegetables that even I didn’t know.  It’s a great practice for both parent and child.  At the end, there is a little review regarding the story and it asks questions about the story in both English and Spanish.  There is also a list of new words introduced in the story and their English and Spanish versions.

Orphan #8 by Kim van Alkemade


Orphan #8


Wow!  This story has a whole lot of history to take in and is not easy to get through because of the content.  Rachel’s life was nowhere near an easy one and a lot happens throughout the book.  This book brought me to tears and laughter as I shared in Rachel’s struggle to find herself.  But, the true question that will need to be answered with this book is, when people’s wrongs have long term effects on your life, can you truly forgive them?  Can you forgive yourself?

Sinister Services by JD Garrett


Sinister Services


Just when she thought she could pick her life back up, from the horrible past she’s had to endure, Krysta finds herself in the middle of a trafficking ring, which includes her missing daughter.  With the help of a newly met mechanic named Caden and his sheriff friend, Al Truman, they all embark on a mission to find Evin, Krysta’s missing daughter.  But, Krysta isn’t the only one about to have past people resurface face to face.

To Kill A Sorcerer by Greg Mongrain


To Kill A Sorcerer


Eloquently written, “To Kill a Sorcerer”, charms us with Sebastian Montero, a handsome immortal having to solve the puzzle of who is the sorcerer.  After conversing with some trustworthy friends, they realize the sorcerer is trying to become a “Thief of Souls”.  Young girls have been killed by this sorcerer, as sacrifices, to help him gain more power.  Hamilton, Sebastian’s partner doesn’t seem to believe in magic and this is exactly where these crimes are leading to and something has to be done quickly and time is running out.

The Real Carousel (Poetry Block 51)

Beautiful but untouchable

Quaint and amazing

The ghost of a silhouette

Paint chipped from age

Ancient in its use

Webs that serve more of a strong hold

Like a recollection of lost years, well hidden

The eyes of a soul long vanished

With a sadness that’s in unusual presence

Still lingers

Afraid that all has been forgotten

Cast outside, outgrown

In a spiral of artificial comfort

There are darkest corners unknown

But in the end

It’s defined as inevitable

For sometimes the seconds in the moment

Leave a mark, then vanish


Poet’s Thoughts:

In a nutshell, this poem touches on what the past may look like to someone.  Memories, both good and bad that you always keep, don’t define you, but they stay with you because they are a part of you.  Over time, life takes us in a different direction, people can move away, people can die, we can meet new people, unforeseen circumstances can happen, etc.  And I think sometimes certain changes can scare us, naturally, but none of it defines us, they serve more as experiences/lessons in our lives.  Or, as someone I love once told me, “I’m not ashamed to be with you because of your scars, your scars are more like a road map to what you came out of and what you come from, that’s where your strength is born.”