Quite the Pair (Poetry Block 43)

He says, “I love you too!”, before I can say I love you.

And when we speak, it’s always in laughter.


Most of our conversations become Abbott and Costello routines.

With one of us saying How? What? Why? Where? When? in between.


Always quick to open the door to let me in and let me out of the car.

And his hand is always in mine whenever we walk on the street.


It’s always an adventure whether we’re hiking in the park or walking to the corner gas station.

There’s a story for every encounter we have.


When we go for ice cream, we tend to talk about how far we’ve come and, how much more we still have together.  Then the ice cream drips from my lips and he wipes it away, very lovingly.


We’re always in agreement of how things should be, always one hundred percent committed to each other.  And no matter how high the waves grow, together we can ride them without fail.


We do for one another without question, without hesitation.  And with lots of unconditional love.  With his hand in mine and mine in his, we face it all.


Whatever thought passes through my mind, is already answered by his lips.  As if already knowing what I’m thinking.


But, I too, am clever.  For whatever he is feeling, I feel.  And without him asking, I am there to comfort him.


We are never without, because love has filled us from within.


Poet’s Thoughts:

I can say we are that couple that finishes each other’s thoughts and words.  Sometimes I’m thinking of something to eat and he will go out and literally buy the very thing I was wanting to eat (i.e. pizza, white castle burgers, oreo cookies n’cream ice cream).  We like to think of it as being so in sync with one another and this feeling is quite awesome.  I love when we go out because he is such a gentleman and without fail, every single time, he parks the car, he will walk around, open my door and hold out his hand for me to grab.  And when we cross the street, his hand is always in mine and he walks on the other side of me to protect me.  It’s just a beautiful thing when your significant other cares so much about you that he does the little things to impress you and that’s really all it takes.  The thoughts that become actions are such a refreshing surprise.  There is a lot of love between the two of us and that’s the most beautiful thing we can share with each other.

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