Wiping Tears (Poetry Block 47)

Being held at such a high point

The rope is already in place

With an X on the floor where two feet stand

My own death becomes staged

So I cut the rope down

As tears start surrounding

I give death an open invitation

And still he can’t find me

But every time I’m ready to go on

And leave all this behind

What appears as divine intervention

Saves the soul still locked inside

I never give it any thought

But only to think it better if I go away

Then a hand touches the shoulder

And somehow inside I’m saved

Understanding that maybe it wasn’t my time to leave

I accept that God is always near

I can now have my moment to grieve

As I’m wiping the remaining tears


Poet’s Thoughts:

In one of many, of my dark times, I cried a lot, actually…I cried through all of it.  And in this particular moment, I had tried different things to rid myself of being in this world and every time I tried, it backfired.  I laugh about it now because when I think about this time in my life, I remember it like it was yesterday.  Something always happened where I couldn’t follow through and of course, that most certainly had to be God, in his own way telling me, Nope! Sorry, not your time yet, my child.  I laugh in the sense of believing he wasn’t there through any of it or that he didn’t want to be a part of any of it, but he was there.  And he was watching and suffering too!  Because he knew my reasons, but he also knew what he had planned for my future.

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