Love and All its Condiments by Cristina Isabel

Louis Cecile's Poetry

Love and All its Condiments by Cristina Isabel

3 Stars

This is a personal short poetry collection that has deep meaning for the poet but shows to the reader that it could offer much more.
Focusing on her journey to meet and fall for her husband this sentiment alone stays in the mind throughout the reading.
The poet has a sweetness and there is a schoolgirl-like charm to some of the poems as the excited passion overcomes her mind.
Both the beginning and ending to the collection move away from the poetic structure that disturbs the flow despite the content.
The poem themselves are an emotioned base with no use of metaphors or complexion. They are raw in their emotions and seem to easily have been taken from a personal diary.
With such emotions on display, it can seem like you are a witness while reading. To be truly absorbed…

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