Redemption (The Legacy of Ilvania) by Andi O’Conner




In the Kingdom of Ilvania, there is a school in which young boys are shown the brutality of pain through vigorous and cruel training.  This training is usually done by a “magical trainer” in order for the boys to become a powerful army for the kingdom.  The story follows Jae, who is sold to the school so that his family could marry off his sisters.  He is placed in a cell along with a nine year old boy, who by the looks of it, has been broken by the system.  But there is more at stake than Jae realizes and he will have to choose which side he fights for.  There is a Master in the school that is the cruelest.  After a few months, Jae, is also broken by the system but here is where he can choose for who he fights for and who he will have to fight against.

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